Thursday, November 13, 2014

radiant lucky star

Indeed I was Lucky to have traveled to Hunt, TX for my first Art Camp. Waldemar really has a way of making you feel like a kid again, but the food, staff and grounds welcomed you like an honored guest. 
Three lovely meals a day, each out doing the other in ingenuity and deliciousness. Lovely creatures fluttering and scampering. Of course hearts appeared. Plenty of breathtaking views to ignite my creative juices and make me put my traveling watercolor palate to good use ~ what a treat.

Mindy Lacefield’s post last Spring enticed me to sign up for Lucky Star. Learning and practicing her mixed media techniques, walking, enjoying nature and jotting down our “field notes” in our journals. Under the protection of the creeping myrtles, I sketched, wrote in my journal and enjoyed the beautiful quiet. Complete bliss.
Then there was the Moon - a full moon on Thursday barely visible but on Friday the cirrus clouds highlighted something I’ve never seen before, a prism rainbow halo around the moon. Violet, red, pink to orche. I was so moved, I went up to the cabin and painted much to my patient cabin mates amusement.
Cowboy Clutch was such a fun way to start and get my hands dirty. 
Soul searching, meditating and grounding then creative play with the beautiful soul of Elizabeth Quigg.
A reading of my natal astrological chart reaffirming my need for balance and insight of some pivotal areas in my life from the apothecary expert, yogastrology instructor and energetic spirit of Stacy Wooster.
  I do believe I picked the perfect balance of creating, learning, spirituality and reflecting.
But, I must admit a few days before going Lucky Star, I was wondering if I signed up for the wrong classes. Signing up back in Spring, a serious case of MOS (missing out syndrome) came over me,  making me question my schedule. With so many excellent artists to learn from, Juliette Crane’s magical class, Vivienne’s beloved photography, screen printing with the talented Becky Dawson and omg stitch a folk dress with Cal Patch, bright and endearing Katherine Center, among the talents ~ how can one choose!?
Guess, I'll just have to go next year.
Truly an amazing time. 
One of the lasting encounters was at the bright of day... a sun shower falling gently from a seemingly blue sky. Creating beautiful ripples at the river. 
Each drop ~ a person, starting from the center,
radiating, intersecting and converging.
In grateful harmony.
Each drop
a connection ~  a sign ~ a direction ~  a start
Time to radiate, Lucky Stars.


Hill Country Hippie said...

Love your post so much! At first I thought that last photo was one of your paintings, and was wondering how you made all those radiating circles! I totally agree about trying to narrow it down to just 4 or 5 classes. So,so hard!

Christina Naselli said...

What a beautiful experience. You've made me want to go next year!!!

Corrine at said...

It was a fantastic and magical experience. So glad to have met you and spent some time with Elizabeth. xox