Saturday, November 1, 2014

slow & steady

Remember crossing a stream when you were young? Seeing the rocks just under the surface, not sure of how deep they are, if they are slippery, sharp or a bit deeper than expected. Tentatively you step anyway, knowing that at any moment you might slip, fall and in less than a second soaked, but not caring. I was reminded of this sensation when hiking Little River Canyon in Alabama this Spring and again while rock mining/sluicing in North Carolina this summer. It’s an unsettling feeling, not always know what lies beneath. But the anticipation of finding potential gems in my path far out way the concern I may fall in.
I’ve been taking chances lately ~ gratefully have only stumbled, not fallen.
Just adjusting... slow and steady.

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Sam Whitmore said...

Hello Cherylyn

Searching for crayfish as a kid I would find rocks and other stuff I thought looked cool. A few times I lost my balance and slipped.