Monday, January 12, 2015

new ~ you-er than you ~ year

You are YOU
this is truer than TRUE
there is no one alive
who is youer than YOU! 
an absolute Suess favorite

It’s hard to find your place sometimes.
What helps… knowing and believing in who you are.
Sometimes, it’s take time.

My daughter is back to school after winter break. Since our move here this Fall her school work and attention span seem so much better.
But today, she came home with tears in her eyes.
“I miss my friends. I want to go back to my old school.”

She is so sensitive, like her Mama. We sat down, I mostly listened to her sadness (which may have been amplified by hunger ;) 
and told her what I’ve told myself many times:
Put yourself out there.
Meet people, be a good friend first.
Join a group, but know it’s okay not to belong.
Meet more people.
Find your kindred souls.
Be kind.
Have fun ~ it magically draws.
Be you! because you are awesome.

I know it’s hard. But I believe a bit of discomfort is all part of change and growth.

Part of being me is always changing… adapting.
I found this ironic, as I was sorting my supplies in my new space, I came across these letters given to me last year by one of my Collage Sisthars… they are the start of my first and last name.
But when switched in their intended state… spell CHANGE
So, I can honestly say… my name is Change. Okay.. I know it’s a stretch.
But interesting none-the-less? 

Life is a bit clearer when viewed through the lens of a nine year old.
I learn so much about myself through my daughter. For that I’m forever grateful.
She is a true gift.

I try not to set New Year’s goals (a bit too daunting). I set intentions with actions, for more lasting effects. Recently the intentions were physical strength. 5k run, trapeze, fly boarding, 30/30 Bikram.

The physical is now a part of me, this year I will concentrate on the mental.

Intentions: Reading. Relating. Reflecting. Focus. Finishing.

Here’s me-er than me, celebrating all my you-er than yous. 

Sending loving kindness and the hope of a bright of new year.