Tuesday, July 14, 2015

always will be

Today as the New Horizons space probe buzzes pass the once-planet, Pluto, I'm reminded of a conversation with my daughter just a few months ago. I met her after school, while talking about her day she says, "...you know, back before Pluto wasn't a planet..." as the conversation continued I couldn't help but think Pluto will always be a planet to me.

There's even a term for it now: to be "plutoed" - devalued, demoted or diminished in some way.

It also made me think, how can you unlearn something?
Then again, how can we rewrite our own script. Is it possible? Will you always be the person someone remembers you to be. Good or bad. Or is it possible to rewrite your reputation. Because everyday has new challenges and opportunities to alter your story. What others perceive you to be is their own business. Just be you and then a bit better, each day. Small changes made daily is the answer.

Dear Pluto,
You'll always be a planet to me. But now, you are even more... a boundary that has been explored and seen.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

deep thoughts from the trampoline

Shortly after we moved in our new home, we got a trampoline. Jumping, running, bouncing... the neighborhood kids enjoy the new novelty. But sometimes I glance and they are just hanging out chatting.
One such day I inquired and my daughter let me in on the discussion.

Momma, do you know we are all connected? We are all related because God created us and loves us. The little boy next door interjects, Yes, even that blade of grass... And my girl points to the towering evergreen just outside our backdoor. That tree is my sister.

Yes my dears, the connection is eternal.