Tuesday, November 29, 2016

December Mindful Intention

It's been over a year since I posted to my blog. Not that I haven't much to say, there is too much. It's overwhelming. So, I thought I'd start small. A mindful month of guided photo reflection. #DecemberReflections2016 with Susannah Conway. Hoping this gentle entry will break open the lock and make space for my thoughts again.

You might want to join me.
Go here for the easy no fuss, no stress prompts.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Grey Day

It's a grey day for many in America. For me, it's less about the wining or losing candidate. It’s about acceptable behavior, overt racism and hostility toward minorities. It’s about religion being weaponized. It’s about crassness and vulgarity and disregard for women. It’s about a barricaded, militarized, bully nation. It’s about an unapologetic, open-faced ugliness.

Our nation is not made by one person. It is created in community. This election has divided the people, created hatred between neighbors, animosity within families and questioning among friends.

The only silver lining I might recognize is the passion behind standing ground. But change is not made in the black and white, look at the gray. Compromise and forward momentum is not made by drawing lines in the sand, but searching for commonalities and extending tolerance.

Then, we might resolve differences. Today, I wear black to mourn a broken nation. A land where over half would hand over their fate to an audacious bully. I will not concede to the overt racism and hostility. Instead, I will continue to fight for the under dog, embrace inclusion and celebrate cultural, personal and religious differences.

This elected official cannot make “America great again” - America is great in spite of his title.

It’s up to us to make it better. I grieve today, then let it go... because there is work to be done.