Saturday, December 31, 2016

{reflection} DecemberReflections

Thank you Susannah Conway for the no fuss reflection prompts for December. I really appreciated the no stress, reflection. Allowing myself to do what I felt at the moment, with the time I had. There are a few prompts like #7} five things about me and #13 } soundtrack of 2016 that really opened a can a worms I wasn't able to tackle this December. But wonderful prompts that I will revisit when I'm able. Here are just a few of the goodies from #decemberreflections2016.
day 1 : on the table } My art table = completely full, so grateful for the resurgence of creative energy and possibilities

day 2 : light } light in the air, light in my heart,
light pouring in and parsing out
This was one of my most ethereal experiences in 2016 —a shaman journey — at the Tribe Sister Retreat in August

day 3 : favorite of 2016 } swinging together, summertime simple bliss

day 5 : favorite book } I’d sooner be able to pick my favorite ornament!
but Susannah Conway’s this I know is always near by and Love Warrior by Glennon is wonderful.  Mostly I read about love, do gooding, creative leadership and tales about life

day 6 : in the air } the balloon ascension New Mexico, a YOLO bucket list trip with a dear, dear friend.

day 8 : on the ground } love always on the ground and all around, these were all found within 2 weeks of this reflection prompt

day 10 :: i made this } digital mixed media series :: letting go & letting in
Not pictured here, but you'll be hearing more about this series in posts to come.
Here is a sneak preview

day 11 : lesson of 2016 } my gosh, definitely not my mantra, but in some cases I must concede

day 12 : precious } all life is fragile, handle with care

day 15 :: best decision of 2016  } wonderfully full adventures — St. Louis, Kansas, Three Lakes, New Mexico

day 27 : my smile } is made all so much brighter with the blessing of this girl

day 29 : my wish for 2017 } clarity & connection

day 31 : word for 2017 } discernment : such a cumbersome word, but it keeps appearing.
Looking to saying more "no" in order to find my hell yes!

What I'm most grateful for is showing up to this page, my blog. It's been so long. Despite all the disappoints, 2016 has been very good to us, here's to an even brighter 2017.
What are you reflecting on?

~ Love & Light everyone  ~