Tuesday, September 12, 2017

light rocks

My yoga practice was an integral part of my healing. Now, my time in the studio is to recalibrate and focus. There is so much to learn about yourself, every day is new. During flow, sometimes the spoken wisdom seems to hit your heart in just the right way.
Last Thursday was such a day. 

A Hawaiian proverb says something like this… 
All souls are bought to this world with a bowl of light, it sits in the center of your being and shines brightly with happiness and light. But as we continue on our journey, we start to collect pebbles, stones, rocks … in this same bowl. These rocks are misdoings, failed promises, unresolved conflicts, regrets and bad behaviors. Soon our bowl is full of rocks that snuff out the light. Rocks are not transparent or light. Rocks do not grow. They are heavy, so very heavy.  When they are to cumbersome to hold we want to flip over the bowl and start new. 

This is when the story teller stops, instructs us to lay on our mats. Savasana. Hands ease to your side, face up to accept light, complete relaxation pose. 

Being a visual person, my mind continues the story, feeling the relief of tipping over my make believe bowl, dumping out the rocks. Even throwing some. But all of a sudden I feel agitated at the thought. My mind starts to wander to the negative.
This is not real.  

These rocks cannot be dumped. In real life there are no do overs. You carry what you create… and sometimes it gets so heavy. I laying in my “complete relaxation pose” mentally and physically frustrated. 

The instructor pulls us back to the present. I feel the tenseness in my body, the unforgiving past and a body not as strong as I would like. I can feel I’m no longer doing my best. The instructor continues the story, which I thought was already finished. 

The bowl is ours to carry, we can not just tip it over, less we pour out the good and light also. The rocks make us who we are. We can only tend to them, clean them, polishing the outside, make the edges less sharp. Continuously mending and polishing each one. 
Some will eventually reflect light in the bowl and shine. Tend to your rocks, even find the strength to throw a few. so they no longer weigh you down with regret, but light a path with wisdom and understanding. 
~ Shine on, bright souls ~ 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

ICAD challenge : recallibrating

from the mouths of babes...  my daughter's honest questioning seems always on point.
Here's the scenario, a moment of me-time in my Madison b-day weekend. I'm working on my ICAD, but finishing the one from yesterday. An important one for me, my b-day self portrait...
L: Momma, whatcha doing? 
me: Finishing my b-day ICAD card
L: looks pretty Momma
As I write on the back ICAD 17 : #38 b-day self-portrait... 
L: Wow, Momma. You've finished 38 cards!
me: no, not quite. I missed a few
L: but you wrote #38?

Since June 1st, I've been doing Tammy's ICAD challenge from Daisy Yellow. The premise, a 3x5 index card a day. Art everyday. Creating everyday, that's not the problem. I have organized my life in such a way that I don't go long without chunks of creative time. But this challenge... has been well, a challenge.

Truthfully, I've cherry-picked my prompts. Stalling at the ones that don't resonate. To date, I've completed 30 of the 42. Not bad, I guess.

Once you break the rules, make excuses and negotiate deadlines, you are no longer doing the challenge. Following simple directions as "prescribed" is really not my strong suit. I often make things more complicated then they need to be. I want to make the most of my time, materials or concept. This is not the place. Although much of my new work will be explorations inspired by these exercises.

For me it's less about the challenge or creativity. It's commitment, focus and follow through. Because, truthfully, who would know or for that matter care, if I didn't finish, or give my best effort.
...and there's the problem. I'll know.

Less than 20 to go. Use the prompts, or don't.
Just Keep it Simple. An index card a day.

Friday, May 5, 2017

art work showing whirlwind

Been busy creating, especially in the last year ~ now to show the work.
Art in the Wilder Park ~ May 6-7

I'm thrilled to be showing my work with the very talented Robin Leifeld at the Elmhurst Art in the Park this weekend ~ May 6th and 7th, booth #8.
In this dual show, we will have mixed media pieces girlie sweet & sometimes not so sweet.
Robin and I connected soon after both joining the studios630 artist community group in the 'burbs. Giving each other a little encourage and creative push, we entered the juried show as the collective "The Art of Being a Girl". We both work in mixed media with a journey at the heart of our work. We would love to see your smiling faces in the crowd.

Elmhurst College
then there this... after 2 years of highly focused study (truly 20 years in the making), I will graduate with my degree in Communications, minor in Fine Art from Elmhurst College. To help commemorate that event, the art department has agreed to show my digital imaging series in the Founders lounge last two weeks of May just before graduation, over Memorial Day weekend. Last year, I received the honor to show my work in the prestigious Art Cafe right below founders, so if you are in the area, check that out too.

It's sincerely been a whirlwind of creativity, opportunity and abundance. I'm incredibly grateful.
~ Hopefully, I'll see you soon ~

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Letting Go, Letting in

A continuation of the mixed media digital image transfer series entitled, Looking In & Letting Go. Compromised of a myriad of layers, starting with drawing, paper and paint, then manipulating and merging my personal photography digitally, printing and applying the image transfer, allowing for luminosity and serendipity essential to my process.
These works are riddled with symbolism - droplets, rainbows, worn out white picket fences and cages.


The piece Perspective portrays optimism, while walking on edge, an extension of the story I wrote about before.

She Paints the Sky
Domestic Nuance
Sun Showers
Roots & Wings
There is a meditative quality of building up the layers then waiting for them to dry, reflecting, then working some more. Every layer and inclusion is personal reflection but the message is intended to be universal – stories of inclusion, isolation, adaptability and perseverance.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Digital Divergence

Ruts and Ridges
This piece is currently on exhibit for the Elmhurst Art Guild Spring Members show located at the Elmhurst Art Museum.

A very different work for me, combining mixed media with my personal photography using digital transfers, resulting in slightly surreal abstract pieces. Last fall I took a digitally imaging class, the work that emerged from that exploration poked personally in places I have tried not to even scratch. While taking inventory and ownership of some truths I’d rather not share, several haunting ideas kept creeping in and with it, the surreal and symbolic imagery started to reveal itself.

Here are some other pieces in this series

1) Always Empty   2) Feed me   3) Navel Gazing   4) Ain’t No Magic

The inspiration for “Ruts and Ridges” was an observation about bike riding. How ruts in the ground or ridges can quickly grab hold, sometimes with disastrous results. My original thought was of a dear friend, but on further inspection, it really could be about anyone. It reveals that we all have chaos that tries to pull us back into old behaviors and habits. Even when it’s right, it doesn’t always feel right and there is sometimes discomfort being on the other side. The mosaic-like mirror pieces are a reminder that the person you fight is the same one in the mirror everyday. Your perception is your reality.

Any life change requires you to rewrite paths. Your brain has created ruts of behavior along with knowledge of past experiences. It is often harder to unlearn than learn. To break out of ruts, some so high, only blunt force will plow through. Even when on the other side the sun may shine, but still feel slightly askew. Beware of those swells that run deep and sometimes beckon you back into the void, the pattern of defeat.
Accept the instance, but don’t let it take hold.
Find the path, look for the signs and do the work. Do not hesitate.
Try not to linger.
Persist, move forward.

Each day is new.