Thursday, April 13, 2017

Letting Go, Letting in

A continuation of the mixed media digital image transfer series entitled, Looking In & Letting Go. Compromised of a myriad of layers, starting with drawing, paper and paint, then manipulating and merging my personal photography digitally, printing and applying the image transfer, allowing for luminosity and serendipity essential to my process.
These works are riddled with symbolism - droplets, rainbows, worn out white picket fences and cages.


The piece Perspective portrays optimism, while walking on edge, an extension of the story I wrote about before.

She Paints the Sky
Domestic Nuance
Sun Showers
Roots & Wings
There is a meditative quality of building up the layers then waiting for them to dry, reflecting, then working some more. Every layer and inclusion is personal reflection but the message is intended to be universal – stories of inclusion, isolation, adaptability and perseverance.

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