Wednesday, July 12, 2017

ICAD challenge : recallibrating

from the mouths of babes...  my daughter's honest questioning seems always on point.
Here's the scenario, a moment of me-time in my Madison b-day weekend. I'm working on my ICAD, but finishing the one from yesterday. An important one for me, my b-day self portrait...
L: Momma, whatcha doing? 
me: Finishing my b-day ICAD card
L: looks pretty Momma
As I write on the back ICAD 17 : #38 b-day self-portrait... 
L: Wow, Momma. You've finished 38 cards!
me: no, not quite. I missed a few
L: but you wrote #38?

Since June 1st, I've been doing Tammy's ICAD challenge from Daisy Yellow. The premise, a 3x5 index card a day. Art everyday. Creating everyday, that's not the problem. I have organized my life in such a way that I don't go long without chunks of creative time. But this challenge... has been well, a challenge.

Truthfully, I've cherry-picked my prompts. Stalling at the ones that don't resonate. To date, I've completed 30 of the 42. Not bad, I guess.

Once you break the rules, make excuses and negotiate deadlines, you are no longer doing the challenge. Following simple directions as "prescribed" is really not my strong suit. I often make things more complicated then they need to be. I want to make the most of my time, materials or concept. This is not the place. Although much of my new work will be explorations inspired by these exercises.

For me it's less about the challenge or creativity. It's commitment, focus and follow through. Because, truthfully, who would know or for that matter care, if I didn't finish, or give my best effort.
...and there's the problem. I'll know.

Less than 20 to go. Use the prompts, or don't.
Just Keep it Simple. An index card a day.